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MOT test garages have got to obey VOSA MOT retesting requirements.

MOT re-test protocols are really complicated and also very tedious. Permit us to set the scene to help you in relation to when it's possible to and can't have a FREE re-test.

First off, the primary regulation is the fact that as soon as your vehicle or light van has failed its MOT, the requisite time-frame for your appropriate steps to be done and any resulting re-test is absolutely 10 working days after the first test date. This is correct providing that your car has been remedied and subsequently scheduled in to get a re-test ahead of the end of 10 working days. If all of the aforementioned is correct, consequently the computerised MOT software program all MOT test centres use will, no doubt, at this time, make it possible for us to register the car and do the re-test.

The subsequent rule is that in the course of an MOT re-examination it's typically true that various points can be tested again instantly but on the other hand some elements will need considerably more focused assessing.

To provide an example;

  • Case in point your family car falls short on 1 tyre; a new tyre will be easy to determine and then a "fast track" MOT retest can be accomplished, taking just a little while for the MOT tester to accomplish and for this reason won't attract a re-test bill.
  • Or a different example of this: If your family car failed the MOT test on headlamp aims, emissions, and braking system; here your car should be scheduled with your nearest Frampton On Severn VOSA MOT test station to secure a partial re-test and taken directly into MOT test bay, then an emissions analysis ought to be accomplished, a substantially less involved over-all check out executed and a complete braking system assessment performed. This work naturally will take increased amounts of the MOT testers time, and that is why it's going to almost always attract a re-test fee.

As a consequence despite the fact that we, and almost every MOT test station, promotes and offers FREE tests this is actually, normally, dependant upon when the vehicle is presented for its MOT examination in Frampton On Severn and successively just what exactly the family car failed the MOT on.

SIGNIFICANTLY - in cases where your car failed to pass its MOT examination with us here in Frampton On Severn VOSA MOT test station and is later repaired by us, then in this case we'll typically conduct any retest FREE (i.e. at zero cost to you), this really is our thanks to you personally for opting to use our Frampton On Severn VOSA MOT test station workshops.

If you would like any further clarification, then below is a listing of the cost free retest points (if the vehicle or light van failed the MOT regarding these kinds of particulars then a rapid retest can be completed).

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